Damage Done-Redux Continues!

Today we released the next two remixes from our 2012 album Damage Done. She Moved Me-Redux and Miscreants-Redux are now available on our bandcamp site. They will only be available there, though you can listen to them here on our Tunes page. If enough interest is made apparent, we will produce CDs of the album and release. 4 down, 3 to go!

A Dog Named Buckley

3 years ago yesterday we lost our friend, brother in arms and collaborator. Chris Tru Trujillo passed way too young with much left to contribute.
A year ago CSC retrieved recordings of Tru's other band A Dog Named Buckley from a 2011 live performance with Ryan Stohs and Alex Kley. Took a year, but the mixes are done.

On Feb 2nd 2019 a page (http://www.new-sun.com/tru_a_dog_named_buckley) on the New Sun site will go live with those mixes for all to hear and download. Of the 20 something songs only 4 are Tru compositions, the remainder are covers. More info to come
Miss ya mange

Damage Done Redux

For some time we have desired to remix and return the songs on Damage Done to their original form as Tru, Alex and CSC wrote them, with a better mix. Thus Damage Done Redux is born. From now till March 2019, as each song is remixed, the whole album will start to appear on our Bandcamp page exclusively for you to enjoy. In March 2019 it will appear here and everywhere as a new album release.

It being the Holidaze Season, Solsticio en Santa Fe is available at CDBaby, Amazon and all the streaming services. Feliz Navidad!

Bandcamp Page!

New Sun now has an active Bandcamp page where you can find the majority of our music, plus the new instrumental track Codiche Segrete delle Macchine, which can be streamed from our Tunes page here. Follow us there for special releases

Tru, New Tune, Old Tune

Sadly we honor our fallen friend Chris Tru Trujillo this week and next. A year ago we got news of his passing a week before his 42nd birthday.

On the Tunes page you will find a remixed recording from Dec 4 1993, 3 months after Tru joined New Sun and brought us our name. The Sum never appeared on any of our albums and is posted here, worts and all, to remember the early days.

You will also find a new ambient instrumental Codiche Segrete delle Macchine posted as well. This has not been released yet, but you may hear it on some of your favorite Prog radio shows. Date for release TBA soon.

Video Page and Other News

There is now an official video page on our site with the video for Solsticio en Santa Fe live. Gradually there will more content added including videos from the past.

Solsticio en Santa Fe has been well received and getting airplay about the world. Many thanks to those who have commented positively on both the song and the accompanying video.

More new music in the future and work continues on the remix of Damage Done to be titled Damage Done Redux

Solsticio en Santa Fe

New single just in time for the Holidaze, Solsticio en Santa Fe will be released Nov 21 2017, featuring Benito Cortez - violin, Jordan Boone - upright/fretless bass, John Hasty - perc/cajon, Christopher Scott Cooper - guitar

Look for the full version on our music page on November 14, 2017 and it will be available for download at CDBaby Nov 21, 2017

1 Year Ago

A year ago we lost our best friend, brother in arms, and amazing musician/drummer Chris "Tru" Trujillo. It has been a tough year with many ups and downs . . . some the highest of highs and others the lowest of lows. But we soldier onward into the future and hold dear the memories, images and recordings of Tru and celebrate his life so that it will last as long as we do. Or longer

Cheers to all who sent messages of support then, and now

Airplay and Interviews

Much ado about Transitory round the world, "put your song in the cyber sea".

Great reviews coming in for the album (check the Press Page) and response has been excellent.

Fri November 4th CSC will be interviewed on Fasching Web Radio in Quebec Canada 8-midnight EST/5-7pm PST

Saturday November 26th he will live on air with DJ Tony @ House of Prog performing acoustic versions of some Transitory songs and debuting a new Holiday song. Wha?? Indeed.

Got your copy of the album yet?


Transitory Response

Response to Transitory has been very positive. We've quoted a few below.

CSC had a great time on Sat Sept 10 with DJ Tony of House Of Prog radio talking about the album, the band, Tru and some of CSC's other projects. Find streams of the show here www.houseofprog.com

Soon there will be custom, signed 96KHz/24bit DVD/Bluray versions of the album available here on the website. Check back in late September.



September 10 at 8:15pm · 
Listening To New Sun's Transitory Album & Loving it....Great Job Christopher Scott Cooper

If you don't own this album... Go Click Buy!! Gordo Bennett shared a page — listening to New Sun.


I bought your new album over the weekend and listened to it a few times and you really did a great job on it. I loved how the album started with Gravity Well to set the mood and all the variances within the songs. Beautiful guitar solo transitioning from the violin solo in Slipstream Day. Tasty bagpipes at the end of Down by Sea. Didn't expect the awesome different direction of The Beguiler. Great job all around. Sounds great.
-Robert Iriartborde


"New Sun has done a truly remarkable job of capturing the spirit of the great progressive bands like Jethro Tull, early Genesis and Pink Floyd while continuing to develop their own distinctive sound and explore new sonic territory. This recording has everything I expect from a great New Sun release but pushes the boundaries like never before. I LOVE this recording"!!

-Walter W

Transitory Release

Transitory is done and CD production commences within the week. Looking like an Aug 9 2016 Digital release and Aug 23 2016 CD release date.

Images of the cover and back artwork are on the Home page and the Images pages. Official announcement July 21st 2016

CSC and Genre Peak

Our very own CSC is getting some nice press for his work on the new Genre Peak album, awesome!

Chris Trujillo

Chris Trujillo our drummer for 22 years has passed away at way too young of an age.

We are beyond words and sadness at the loss of our friend, brother, skin pounder and fellow composer.

There is an empty chair in the middle of the stage that cannot be filled in the same way.

CSC on Air

CSC will be live on www.houseofprog.com by DJ Tony Sat Dec 28th 10 Am- 12:00pm PST New tunes from the upcoming album Transitory, rare live recordings, and unreleased songs from the dim distant past. 

Join in the Chat Room to ask questions

Vigilance release

On June 16th the 2nd single from Transitory was released. Vigilance is a departure for New Sun in that it is one of the most straight foreward songs we've ever done. Yes, it is all in 4/4. But worry not, the remainder of the album includes plenty of the odd meter grooviness we are known for.

You can stream it on the Tunes page for a limited time.

Back soon with more tunage, cheers!

New Sun

Down By Sea single release

Tomorrow Down By Sea will released as a free download on our Soundcloud page. A soft release of the first single from the forthcoming Transitory album. 


New Single July 29

The first single from the forthcoming album Transitory will be released worldwide on July 29.

Down By Sea is a departure for New Sun, with a more acoustic approach and exploration of CSC's ancestral roots in Scotland.

Request it from your favorite radio show

Review of DD

Nice review of Damage Done up on http://closetconcertarena.blogspot.com/ A reviewer who gets it.

Down By Sea

Want to hear the direction we're headed in? 1:00 teaser of our new song Down By Sea is up on our Soundcloud site. Have listen and leave a comment, share with friends. There is more to come in the next month, so stay in tune and odd meter out.


Slipstream of Time

2013 is half over and we're behind our schedule for the year. But who the hell keeps up to schedules anyway? It has been an interesting year thus far, with changes, health issues, and a liquid landscape in the music world.

2012 ended with the departure of Chris Elio from vocal duties, 2013 started off with CSC injuring his hands (they've healed), Tru having some health issues, and Alex being swamped with his work. So we took our time, wrote, healed and just hunkered down for a bit.

CSC did a show with the band Genre Peak in June and will be doing more shows as they are booked this fall.

In late May Tru tracked drums on 2 new songs, Down By Sea and Transitory (10 minutes opus), which CSC had demo'd out. CSC busied himself with re-tracking vocals on Dreams, She Moved Me and Damage Done for release on a planned EP "Transitory" which was slated for release this summer.

But . . . (always the but at this point) new songs have been written and demo'd, enough for a full album. The planned release is this fall, depending on everyone's schedules and health. Benito Cortez will guest on at least one song along with David Brewer on whistles and pipes. Yes, you heard right, bagpipes. Perhaps a whole orchestra of them on a song called Glen Tower. 

Oy, it be a mystery lads and lasses, stayed tuned and in key.


There is a nice interview with CSC up on progmeister Jerry Lucky's site, along with one of our best reviews of Damage Done. A reviewer who actually understood where we are coming from.

News and reviews

Nice review of Damage Done by Prog Journalist Jerry Lucky published this week. One of the few who has gotten our gestalt quite nicely.

The release of our 5th album has been delayed indefinitely due to serious carpal tunnel issues for CSC, but he is still able to mix, or remix as it were, our 3 previous albums and some rare live material from the 90s. Definitely not "out" by any measure, there will be a release by summer of remixes and rarities.

If you'd like to hear a sample of what we were working on before the "incident with the hands", check our soundcloud site for 17/8 Tunis.

All for now, be right back . . .


2012 was a year of ups and downs for New Sun, the ups ruled though.

With the release of Damage Done, we returned with a new singer, a new attitude and a renewed fervor.

In the giant sea that is the online music world, DD was received well, but had to fight to be heard above the din.

Apparently it was. It made at least one top 10 Prog CD list of the year:


The end of 2012 was not as kind as the rest of the year, illness with 2 members and the departure of Chris Elio changed our perspective yet again.

2013 will bring new music, a new EP with remixes of DD songs, remixes of some back catalogue, and at least one new song. And another full CD's worth of material sits on the shelf ready to go.

Can't wait . . .

Reviews and News

Fast approaching the end of 2012, a good year for New Sun thus far.

Nice review in progression Magazine, which can be found on the "Press" page. Reviews has been slow to come, but overall very positive regarding the return of New Sun and Damage Done.

We did a series of shows locally (SF Bay Area) till mid summer and then due to a thing called "life outside the band" we took a break. With thoughts toward regrouping Jan 2nd 2013 and deciding how next year will go.

In the mean time CSC has been working on the special release CD with variations on some tunes from Damage Done, remixes of several back catalogue tunes and possibly 2 new songs. Tentatively called "Transitory" the plan was to release about now. But inspiration hit and CSC is looking toward a solo CD in 2013. But as with all things in life, the winds of change are blowing.

An announcement will be made regarding both in Jan 2013

Enjoy your Holidaze and try not to be too much of a pig, yeah?

Airplay, more distribution worlwide

Damage Done has been getting more and more airplay over the last few weeks. We'd like to thank the DJs and fans who requested the plays, without you we would not be heard.





The CD will be available through Record Heaven (Sweden) in late August and is now available in Brasil and Argentina through our CDBaby partners there. Also in Austria/Germany through InandOut records.

Always available from us directly at new-sun.com along with our 3 previous releases.

There will be another specialty CD coming out before year's end so stay tuned.

Progression Magazine #64

Damage Done will receive a write up/review in issue #64 (Sept) of Progression Magazine.


Damage Done will become available through Record Heaven in Sweden in August as well

Worldwide Distribution and 1st Review

Damage Done is now available worldwide in both CD and download formats from Amazon.com, CDBaby.com, InandOut Records, etc. And through iTunes, Spotify, MOG, etc

We appreciate those who buy the physical CD or pay for downloads, otherwise the music will cease to be made. Speaking of which, the album has been pirated in Russia heavily. Any soul who helps to knock these cretins off the internet will receive our praise and a free CD.

We received our first review from Sinfomusic (Musea) which you can read on our Press page.

The 96KHz/24bit version of the album is available on DVD for those who ask for it via email. $25 which includes shipping.


Expose of Damage Done

Damage Done will be featured on AuralMoon radio

Monday June 25th at 9 pm eastern time and replayed the next Wednesday at 1pm Eastern and one more time Friday at 5 am EST for the rest of the world.

Damage Done had 4 songs in the top 10 list of Post Rock/Experimental category on CDBaby.com the weeks of June 4th and 11th.

The album is available worldwide through Amazon.com, CDBaby.com, and via your favorite streaming or download site. Though we prefer you buy higher quality CDs.

Or directly from New Sun on the buy page. $2 shipping anywhere in the world!

Damage Done Available Worldwide

Damage Done is now available worldwide.

CDs may be a little slow to ship in some places, but the "World Domination" by New Sun has begun.


Damage Done is here

The CDs arrived today and are on their way to you who bought it in advance.

For those who have waited, it will be at your favorite online retailer within the next two weeks, or may already be there in some cases.

It can still be acquired on the "buy" page.


New Sun

Shards in the Sand Download

Shards in the Sand is available as a free download on the "Tunes" page.

Presale of the full album available on the "Buy" page.

Role out of the digital distribution and the physical version will be happening over the next 3 weeks, so for those who already acquired it, should be in your mailbox soon.

Look for a limited edition 96KHz/24bit DVDA at the end of May. A Blueray version will be coming as well.

New Sun-Damage Done April 24th

Damage Done

 Released April 24th 2012

After 11 years new Sun returns with a new lead singer and an immense energetic sound.

To hear a samples from the new album visit our Soundcloud site.

Check back there often to hear different samples on periodic rotation

Damage Done on Air

Damage Done is complete and ready for the world. Whether or not the world is ready for New Sun again, only after the album is released will we truly know.

The radio station promos have gone out, so call/email your favorite prog rock station and request to hear it. And then immediately request it again.

The Prog oriented single is Shards in the Sand, the mainstream radio single is She Moved Me.

The full album release date will be announced soon as will a pre order location. We will be out and about playing the new album and are hoping to come to Europe within the next 12 months.

It will be well worth the wait . . . promise.


This evening I got the news that one of my inspirations for playing rock guitar passed away after a 5 year fight with prostate cancer. Not only was he an influence, me being a fan, he was also a friend who gave me opportunities and asked me to work with him doing live sound on tour.

I talked to Ronnie via phone at the end of Jan and we were planning on getting together at his show on March 17th in Santa Cruz. He planned on living a while longer as he had booked a whole tour through Oct of this year.

Thank you Ronnie Montrose, you'll be missed. Your music will live on and I will be one of those who makes that happen.


Christopher Scott Cooper

CD Release Date

New Sun fans,

we know you've been awaiting the 4th CD for some time now, and it is done. However, the release date has been pushed back till February 28th 2012 by events beyond our control.

Those who bought the Damage Done EP at our show on 11/11/11 will get theirs the 3rd week of Feb

Promo versions will be going out the first week of February to radio stations and reviewers globally, so call up your favorite radio show, stations, internet cast and ask for the first single "She Moved Me". Or if they are a prog oriented broadcast ask for "Shards in the Sand"

More details to emerge next Tuesday Feb 7th

2012 and a new CD

New CD/Interview

Want to thank all those who came and enthusiastically supported us at our CD release show on 11/11/11.

We had a fantastic time and it felt really good to open up and play a bigger stage for the first time in a long while.

You can find video of the opener "Damage Done" here: www.youtube.com/blue7audio

The live audio recording can be found at CSC's Soundcloud site as well.More items will be posted throughout the next few weeks, as well as a complete upgrade to this site.

CSC was recently interviewed by Progarchives, and for the CD release show by the The Daily of Palo Alto Ca

And, of course, the release of the new CD in January. See below for an image of the limited edition 4 song EP from the show.

Talk again soon, NS

CD/11-11-11 Show

Many thnaks to all who came out to see our CD release show at Club Fox Nov 11th.

We had a great time and the crowd was fantastic!

Video was recorded and snippets will be here soon. This site will also be getting a much needed upgrade.

The CD was not quite ready for the Nov 11th show, so instead we had a 4 song EP (clocking in at 28 minutes!) available.

If you bought it, you will get the full Cd for free in January.


More info on Dec 1st about public release date and other happenings.


New Sun

New Sun CD Release

Joining us for our show on Nov 11th will be A Dog Named Buckley.

Which, just so happens, features New Sun's Chris Trujillo on guitar and vocals, not drums.

And Alex Kley on bass


Come join us and see the other special guest appearances and some possible mashups between NS and ADNB



Redwood City Ca


See below for links to tickets

Show Monday!

Void808, a band out of SoCal ask us to open their show this coming

Monday 9pm at Johnny V's Club

31 E Santa Clara St San Jose, CA 95113

Yes, very short notice, but we only found out Friday.

Come on out and say hello.

CD Release Show

Come join us for an evening of new and old.

The new CD will played in it's entirety



Man, the summer is almost gone and we've been so busy it was almost missed.

We're still busy with mixing and the only song remaining to be tracked is Antigravity. Drums had been recorded, but we've been playing the song with some nice dynamics and small nuances that make it all the better. So it will be retracked live in studio here at Blue Seven Audio

Shards in the Sand is mixed, with Damage Done 2011 and She Moved Me 2011 almost finished. 

The CD should be finished in October, just in time for our CD release party and show at ClubFox, Redwood City Ca on 11/11/11

Come over to our FB page and keep even more update with us and let us know more about you.


New Sun

July 2011

Been a busy summer for us with our first two shows in 10+ years gone by and more to come.

We will have a CD release party/show at the ClubFox in Redwood City Ca on 11/11/11.

Yes I said that many elevens. Nigel Tufnel would be proud.

We are still engaged in finishing our 4th CD and expect to have two songs for release in August, so stay tuned for more info on that.

All for now.

Many thanks for your support

New Sun

Really big Shoes

For the first time in over a decade New Sun will be gracing the stage again.

The first show of a slew of upcoming gigs will be at Open Door Church in San Mateo Ca on July 9th with special guest Gustaf Fjelstrom (Maximum Indifference). This is a 350 seat facility that CSC designed the acoustics for, installed the PA system and works at every Sunday providing FOH mixing for their services.

A great venue where you can get up and personal with us.

On Thursday July 14th New Sun will do an in store appearance at Rasputin's in Campbell Ca.

Details are in the link below



stand alone player

More announcements are forthcoming with regard to more shows

May 2011


the June 16th gig was never confirmed, so no show. And the June 9th gig at ClubFox Redwood City Ca has been postponed due to events beyond our control.


A show in early July, with special guest at a private venue, will be announced the week of May 9th. This will be our "stepping out onstage after 10+ years" show.

There are other gigs forthcoming as we get out and about this summer.

All for now


March Mayhem

Yes, it has been a while since our last news update, though for those who follow on FB, very current.

Work on the CD continues, albeit slowly due to work, NAMM, illness and other unintended interruptions. We're all fine and working toward performing live.

Speaking of which, we have two shows in June. The 9th and the 16th, details to come. And there will be more announced soon.

The first remixes with current lineup (Wha? current lineup?! you say) will be released in May with the whole CD coming out mid summer. With the first song released will come an announcement we have put off for 6 months concerning the band lineup. And that is all that will be said at the moment, so don't let your skivvies get in a bunch. Patience.

CSC has also been working on 2 Scottish tinged songs with some special guest. It will be his ode to his heritage and his being somewhat influenced by Jethro Tull. One of the tunes was actually written 15 years ago and has never seen the light of day.

On another note, this site will get a long overdue revamp in the next few weeks, so come back for a look see.

Cheers, for now

The close of another decade

With the close of 2010 a decade has ended and a new era is dawning for New Sun.

The band has been busy with rehearsals for live performances in the coming year, recording for the new CD to come in 2011, and writing new material for whatever comes after that.

It's a slow process, and always has been, for the band wants to try and do it better each time, and the realities of life often get in the way of creative fun. But we're insistent

There will finally be an exciting announcement in Jan and it's possible that on the 10th anniversary of the release of Expectations in March, a new CD will come forth into the world and either be accepted or ignored.

We don't know what the future holds, but we do it anyway.

The power to insist.

Happy New Year from New Sun

Sample of "Shards"

Been a very busy last two months with us. Tracking Drums basics on the last 3 songs and even throwing in a 4th tune, somewhat unrehearsed. CSC has been busy laying down guitars and keys this August and a sample of the song "Shards in the Sand" is available at our Facebook page.

New Sun on FB

You'll find the 2 minute sample in our Music Player box on the left side.

The songs are starting to move along toward completion and are sounding brilliant.

There will be a small private show in Nov/Dec. This will in fact be a dry run of our live show captured on video and in photos for later use. By invitation only and in limited number

More info to come in late September

The "special announcement" planned for June has been delayed till the private show announcement in late September.


New Sun


New Sun has been in studio a great deal over the months of June and July and saw them tracking drums and bass on 3 additional songs this past weekend at Blue Seven Audio, CSC's recording studio. 

Check out the gallery page for some studio shots.

New Sun  is also now on ReverbNation where you can purchase the two singles "She Moved Me" and "Damage Done" from 2009


Band website hosting

CSC will spend the remainder of July recording guitars, keys and vocals, with mixing slated for August

Look for the first song release in September 2010.

June 2010

We've been hunkered down in the studio for a while now and apologize for not staying touch more often. Just having fun and working hard on the new material.

Miscreants, Chasm City, and Dreams are nearing completion. Only vocals left to do. That leaves Shards in the Sand, and Anti-Gravity(formerly Shaman) for major overdubs and vocals. There will also be remixes of our two releases from last year Damage Done and She Moved Me.

There have been rumors alluding to a major announcement from the band circulating . . . the rumors will be laid to rest in mid-June.

We can also be found on Reverbnation now. One can buy the releases from last year at that site.

More news to come shortly.


Tracking on the four songs listed in the previous news flash went very well indeed. The new Gretsch drumkit sounds positively epic! Tru and Alex did a fantastic job laying down the basics. Each tune has a nice live vibe and feel to them. As always New Sun shoots for a very organic feel. Something sadly missing from most of today's popular music. Over edited, autotuned and squashed to death seems to be the norm.

As usual New Sun sands against the grain.

Now it's CSC's turn to hunker down and layer his guitars, keys and vocals over everything. Things are hoppin  at Blue Seven Audio. The place is a tangle of cables, cabinets and guitars. Enter at your own risk. (Pix on the Gallery page)


Recent interview with Geddy and Alex of RUSH was an affirmation of New Sun's own beliefs and attitudes toward composition, writing and music in general.

There will be some short rehearsal recording samples up here and on our Facebook page over the next week.

There's rumor of a major announcement concerning the band coming in April - for the moment "no comment" is all that has been heard. Stay tuned and in good intonation.

In Studio

It has been awhile since we last spoke.

Been a wee bit busy getting ready for recording. New Sun heads into the studio March 12th to start recording 4 songs for the forthcoming CD. Been a year of prep and other happenings, but we are finally here. On the slate for tracking are "Shards in the Sand", "Chasm City", "Dreams (working title)", and "Miscreants (working title)".

The latter has been on our playlist for almost 8 years, waiting patiently to be brought forth into the world. There will be short samples of some rehearsals recorded up here at the site briefly over the course of this week and next, so watch for them, as they will come and go like a proverbial dog in heat.

Check out our facebook page for other samples and to touch base with us on a more regular basis

Jan 2010

Rehearsals are progressing well. Even pulled out some oldies, but goodies to refresh our brains on what it means to play those songs after 10+ years.

I had mentioned a surprise some weeks back, but you'll have to wait some more to hear about it.Ch ch changes.

Watch for short samples of recent rehearsals (the new material) to mysteriously appear here or at new-sun.com in the next day or two, then go away just as mysteriously.

Yes, we are on Facebook now

2010 and still no Monolith

the 2nd decade of the 21st century has arrived . . . with a whimper. But things are looking bright at Blue Seven Audio (CSC's workspace) as New Sun looks to record two songs this month. "Shards in the Sand" looks at the building and crumbling cycles of human societies. "Chasm City" (based loosely upon the book by Alastair Reynolds) looks at the confusion of an assassin on another world, who's not too sure of his prey or himself. Work upon "Mistakes"(working title) and "Dreams" (working title) continues this month as well. Stay tuned for an announcement. Happy 2010!


Merry Christmas and here's to a better year in 2010. We'll definitely be heard more in the coming year! Cheers New Sun

Dec 2009

Seems like we've been away for a while . . . we're just working like dogs these days. We're recording Chasm City and Shards in the Sand in prep for mixing in January. The hope is to have an EP in early 2010 and full CD Summer 2010. Like good single malt scotch, things must age for a while before their at their best.

Hot August Days

Rehearsals are going slow and productive. As usual, life gets in the way pretty much every week. We've been spending a lot of time on the song "Shaman". Nothing like a little 5/4 meter to keep it interesting. Feeling good about the song "Chasm City". One of the more complex and odd songs we've ever done. It will be September before any further recording occurs as we've all had a busy August. New Sun is now available on iTunes -Japan.

Summer 2009

Today marks the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings in France. In 1986 I stood on those beaches and was struck with the enormity and cost of that day. Damage Done was written for those who come home with no physical wounds, but wounded nontheless. Damage Done and She Moved Me will be available for purchase via iTunes and this site July 2009. Progress on the new CD is happening, but often slowed by the events of living life. We're currently working on tracking the following songs: Chasm City Shaman Dreams Mistakes Shards in the Sand Our CD catalog is now fully available on iTunes-Japan


Well, as usual in this business, things change! The EP has been put on hold due to distribution negotiations. Distribution digitally worldwide will be handled by The Orchard and will begin in June. The band continues to work on recording and writing new material for a full length CD. Currently the first two singles "Damage Done" and "She Moved Me" are available for streaming on the music page. Request them from your favorite prog-rock radio station as they have been distributed through Airplay Direct worldwide. Stay Tuned for next week's adventure.

Damage Done Release

On February 2nd the single Damage Done will be available for free download on our music page for 24 hours. Due to pending distribution agreement, the release of Damage Done and She Moved Me will be delayed until further notice. The two songs will be released as an EP with an additional special bonus track in late February, early March. Check back here for further updates.

New Single!

Yes, I know it's hard to believe . . . but it is here. Damage Done will be the first song from the forthcoming CD and clocking in at 7:24 it's our idea of what a single should be. You'll find a 2:00 sample on the music page right now. The single will be released on February 2nd for free all day. On February 3rd the single download will be priced at .99¢. Also to be released on 02.02.09 is the song She Moved Me, which is being mixed as we speak. This will also be available for 24 hours before pricing is set at .99¢ a download. Release date for CD is still pending, but expected by early Spring 2009. Cheers, New Sun Release of CSC's EP This World has been rescheduled for 2009. Though, if you ask nicely, one can obtain a copy of the original re-mastered EP on CD for $5.00 plus shipping. Single downloads are .99¢

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