Chris Trujillo-A Dog Named Buckley Live 2011

by A Dog Named Buckley

Released 02/02/2019
Released 02/02/2019
A live performance of Chris Trujillo, Alex Kley and Ryan Stohs as A Dog Named Buckley from 2011.
Intoxication, Hourglass and Lost & Found are Tru originals (© Blue Seven Music 2019).
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Files are 44.1KHz/16bit wav
Mixed and mastered by Chris Cooper Feb 2018-Jan 2019. Files are 44.1/16 wav.
Higher resolution 96/24 wavs are available by request.
This is as real as it gets, warts and all. I purposely kept the mixes straight forward and simple with no edits or manipulation.
A Dog Named Buckley