Slipstream of Time

2013 is half over and we're behind our schedule for the year. But who the hell keeps up to schedules anyway? It has been an interesting year thus far, with changes, health issues, and a liquid landscape in the music world.

2012 ended with the departure of Chris Elio from vocal duties, 2013 started off with CSC injuring his hands (they've healed), Tru having some health issues, and Alex being swamped with his work. So we took our time, wrote, healed and just hunkered down for a bit.

CSC did a show with the band Genre Peak in June and will be doing more shows as they are booked this fall.

In late May Tru tracked drums on 2 new songs, Down By Sea and Transitory (10 minutes opus), which CSC had demo'd out. CSC busied himself with re-tracking vocals on Dreams, She Moved Me and Damage Done for release on a planned EP "Transitory" which was slated for release this summer.

But . . . (always the but at this point) new songs have been written and demo'd, enough for a full album. The planned release is this fall, depending on everyone's schedules and health. Benito Cortez will guest on at least one song along with David Brewer on whistles and pipes. Yes, you heard right, bagpipes. Perhaps a whole orchestra of them on a song called Glen Tower. 

Oy, it be a mystery lads and lasses, stayed tuned and in key.

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