Transitory Release

Transitory is done and CD production commences within the week. Looking like an Aug 9 2016 Digital release and Aug 23 2016 CD release date.

Images of the cover and back artwork are on the Home page and the Images…


Chris Trujillo

Chris Trujillo our drummer for 22 years has passed away at way too young of an age.

We are beyond words and sadness at the loss of our friend, brother, skin pounder and fellow composer.

There is an empty chair…


CSC on Air

CSC will be live on by DJ Tony Sat Dec 28th 10 Am- 12:00pm PST New tunes from the upcoming album Transitory, rare live recordings, and unreleased songs from the dim distant past. 

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Vigilance release

On June 16th the 2nd single from Transitory was released. Vigilance is a departure for New Sun in that it is one of the most straight foreward songs we've ever done. Yes, it is all in 4/4. But worry not,…

Down By Sea single release

Tomorrow Down By Sea will released as a free download on our Soundcloud page. A soft release of the first single from the forthcoming Transitory album. 


New Single July 29

The first single from the forthcoming album Transitory will be released worldwide on July 29.

Down By Sea is a departure for New Sun, with a more acoustic approach and exploration of CSC's ancestral roots in Scotland.

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Down By Sea

Want to hear the direction we're headed in? 1:00 teaser of our new song Down By Sea is up on our Soundcloud site. Have listen and leave a comment, share with friends. There is more to come in the next…


Slipstream of Time

2013 is half over and we're behind our schedule for the year. But who the hell keeps up to schedules anyway? It has been an interesting year thus far, with changes, health issues, and a liquid landscape in the music



There is a nice interview with CSC up on progmeister Jerry Lucky's site, along with one of our best reviews of Damage Done. A reviewer who actually understood where we are coming from.