Transitory Response

Response to Transitory has been very positive. We've quoted a few below.

CSC had a great time on Sat Sept 10 with DJ Tony of House Of Prog radio talking about the album, the band, Tru and some of CSC's other projects. Find streams of the show here

Soon there will be custom, signed 96KHz/24bit DVD/Bluray versions of the album available here on the website. Check back in late September.



September 10 at 8:15pm · 
Listening To New Sun's Transitory Album & Loving it....Great Job Christopher Scott Cooper

If you don't own this album... Go Click Buy!! Gordo Bennett shared a page — listening to New Sun.


I bought your new album over the weekend and listened to it a few times and you really did a great job on it. I loved how the album started with Gravity Well to set the mood and all the variances within the songs. Beautiful guitar solo transitioning from the violin solo in Slipstream Day. Tasty bagpipes at the end of Down by Sea. Didn't expect the awesome different direction of The Beguiler. Great job all around. Sounds great.
-Robert Iriartborde


"New Sun has done a truly remarkable job of capturing the spirit of the great progressive bands like Jethro Tull, early Genesis and Pink Floyd while continuing to develop their own distinctive sound and explore new sonic territory. This recording has everything I expect from a great New Sun release but pushes the boundaries like never before. I LOVE this recording"!!

-Walter W

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