New Sun

 New Sun

With a desire to tell compelling stories, and experiment with inventive songwriting, New Sun formed as a reaction to the popular media-schlock music of the 80’s and 90’s. While running away from static commercial song structures, eighteen years of being in the test tube has bred a “less is more” attitude, tempered with the use of complex forms and rhythms. The foundation of the New Sun sound is designed to groove and appeal to a wider audience while making it fun and challenging for the artists.

New Sun was founded in 1993 by D.L. Erickson (guitars) and Christopher Scott Cooper (guitars, vocals, keys) in the San Francisco Bay Area upon discovering common interest in the classic Progressive Rock bands of the 70’s. Soon after, the rhythm section duo of Alex Kley (bass) and Scott Landucci (drums) would answer an ad in a local music rag to complete the line-up. In 1993, upon the departure of Landucci, Kley would bring in Chris Trujillo (drums, vocals), completing the line-up for the first two releases "Fractured" (1995) and "Affects" (1998). After performing in support of both releases, Erickson departed the band in 1999, and followed his interests in ambient music and Guitar Craft (Robert Fripp).

A year hiatus ensued then the remaining members began collaborating on "Expectations" (2001), retaining the embodiments of bands like Rush, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd, while adding newer influences such as Tool, STP, Porcupine Tree and Soundgarden to their musical arsenal.

After a 6 year hiatus Tru and CSC began working on new material with Kley joining the fold again in 2008. In 2009 two singles "She Moved Me" and "Damage Done" were released. 2010 saw Chris Elio joined New Sun as lead vocalist and the recordings for 4th CD Damage Done took a dramatic turn in direction. On 11/11/11 New Sun performed a CD release show and performed a series of show throughout the SF Bay Area. Damage Done was released in April 2012. In early 2013 Elio departed the band.


In Jan 2016, Our beloved friend, drummer, colleague and brother Chris Tru Trujillo passed away at the too young age of 41. There is an empty seat center stage now.


2016 brought forth New Sun's 5th CD release "Transitory", the last album Tru played on. Another shift in direction with more acoustic guitar based material and many special guest, including Gustav Fjelstrom, Benito Cortez, Joel Wilson, Davey Brewer, Rebeca Lomnicky and John Hasty.


Released Nov 2017 our take on a Holiday song (New Sun style) Solsticio en Santa Fe featuring John Hasty, Jordan Boone, Benito Cortez and CSC.


In 2018 the instrumental ambient piece Codiche Segrete delle Macchine was released.


2020 saw the Bandcamp exclusive re-release of Damage Done, remixed and with original vocals, as it was in 2010. Damage Done Redux and Dreams Redux are on the tunes page

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Oct 2020 CSC remixed his 1990 debut album This World form the original 8-tracks, along with two incomplete bonus tracks, with a release date  TBA. he played all the instruments with assistance from Tim Hilborn on drum programming and John Land (Tempest) on bass for The Sands of Time.


Ever Evolving.

That . . . is New Sun


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