Solsticio en Santa Fe on compilation 

Our seasonal tune Solsticio en Santa Fe has been included on A Progressive Christmas III collection from Power Of prog and Melodic Revolution Records along with lour friend Robeone, The December People and more. Can be found here: Power of Prog on Bandcamp We are very honored. 

New music is being written and recorded, release date is in early 2023, the first single will be The Divide. 

Merry Christmas!

CSC- This World Remix Release 

In 1991 CSC released his first solo album This World. Recorded on 8-track and released on cassette it was the debut of his songwriting to the world. in 2020 during the pandemic, he remixed this album from the original tapes transferred to digital and mixed to keep the original integrity and feel of the album true to the time frame it was recorded in: 1989-1991.
Included are two bonus tracks consisting of incomplete demo songs Around the Horn (1988), and Magic & Majesty (1990)

Release date: Aug 3rd 2021

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Damage Done-Redux Continues! 

Today we released the next two remixes from our 2012 album Damage Done. She Moved Me-Redux and Miscreants-Redux are now available on our bandcamp site. They will only be available there, though you can listen to them here on our Tunes page. If enough interest is made apparent, we will produce CDs of the album and release. 4 down, 3 to go!

A Dog Named Buckley 

3 years ago yesterday we lost our friend, brother in arms and collaborator. Chris Tru Trujillo passed way too young with much left to contribute.
A year ago CSC retrieved recordings of Tru's other band A Dog Named Buckley from a 2011 live performance with Ryan Stohs and Alex Kley. Took a year, but the mixes are done.

On Feb 2nd 2019 a page ( on the New Sun site will go live with those mixes for all to hear and download. Of the 20 something songs only 4 are Tru…

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Damage Done Redux 

For some time we have desired to remix and return the songs on Damage Done to their original form as Tru, Alex and CSC wrote them, with a better mix. Thus Damage Done Redux is born. From now till March 2019, as each song is remixed, the whole album will start to appear on our Bandcamp page exclusively for you to enjoy. In March 2019 it will appear here and everywhere as a new album release.

It being the Holidaze Season, Solsticio en Santa Fe is available at CDBaby, Amazon and all the streaming services.

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Bandcamp Page! 

New Sun now has an active Bandcamp page where you can find the majority of our music, plus the new instrumental track Codiche Segrete delle Macchine, which can be streamed from our Tunes page here. Follow us there for special releases

Tru, New Tune, Old Tune 

Sadly we honor our fallen friend Chris Tru Trujillo this week and next. A year ago we got news of his passing a week before his 42nd birthday.

On the Tunes page you will find a remixed recording from Dec 4 1993, 3 months after Tru joined New Sun and brought us our name. The Sum never appeared on any of our albums and is posted here, worts and all, to remember the early days.

You will also find a new ambient instrumental Codiche Segrete delle Macchine posted as well. This has not been released yet, but you…

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Video Page and Other News 

There is now an official video page on our site with the video for Solsticio en Santa Fe live. Gradually there will more content added including videos from the past.

Solsticio en Santa Fe has been well received and getting airplay about the world. Many thanks to those who have commented positively on both the song and the accompanying video.

More new music in the future and work continues on the remix of Damage Done to be titled Damage Done Redux

Solsticio en Santa Fe 

New single just in time for the Holidaze, Solsticio en Santa Fe will be released Nov 21 2017, featuring Benito Cortez - violin, Jordan Boone - upright/fretless bass, John Hasty - perc/cajon, Christopher Scott Cooper - guitar

Look for the full version on our music page on November 14, 2017 and it will be available for download at CDBaby Nov 21, 2017

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