CSC- This World Remix Release

In 1991 CSC released his first solo album This World. Recorded on 8-track and released on cassette it was the debut of his songwriting to the world. in 2020 during the pandemic, he remixed this album from the original tapes transferred to digital and mixed to keep the original integrity and feel of the album true to the time frame it was recorded in: 1989-1991.
Included are two bonus tracks consisting of incomplete demo songs Around the Horn (1988), and Magic & Majesty (1990)

Release date: Aug 3rd 2021
Via both our own site and our Bandcamp site for digital download only at this time.

Track List:

1 The Sands of Time 03:40 

2 This World 04:48 

3 Wingnuts 06:37 

4 Machine Age Man 08:26 

5 Odd Sod 03:57 

6 The Message 05:07 

7 I Will Not Forget 08:04 

8 Around The Horn 07:25 

9 Magic & Majesty 06:40 

Christopher Scott Cooper - Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drum Programming, Vocals
John land - Bass on The Sands Of Time
Tim Hilborn - Drum Programming on Wingnuts
Erica Little - Vocals on Magic & Majesty

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