New Single!

Yes, I know it's hard to believe . . . but it is here. Damage Done will be the first song from the forthcoming CD and clocking in at 7:24 it's our idea of what a single should be. You'll find a 2:00 sample on the music page right now. The single will be released on February 2nd for free all day. On February 3rd the single download will be priced at .99¢. Also to be released on 02.02.09 is the song She Moved Me, which is being mixed as we speak. This will also be available for 24 hours before pricing is set at .99¢ a download. Release date for CD is still pending, but expected by early Spring 2009. Cheers, New Sun Release of CSC's EP This World has been rescheduled for 2009. Though, if you ask nicely, one can obtain a copy of the original re-mastered EP on CD for $5.00 plus shipping. Single downloads are .99¢

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