Tracking on the four songs listed in the previous news flash went very well indeed. The new Gretsch drumkit sounds positively epic! Tru and Alex did a fantastic job laying down the basics. Each tune has a nice live vibe and feel to them. As always New Sun shoots for a very organic feel. Something sadly missing from most of today's popular music. Over edited, autotuned and squashed to death seems to be the norm.

As usual New Sun sands against the grain.

Now it's CSC's turn to hunker down and layer his guitars, keys and vocals over everything. Things are hoppin  at Blue Seven Audio. The place is a tangle of cables, cabinets and guitars. Enter at your own risk. (Pix on the Gallery page)


Recent interview with Geddy and Alex of RUSH was an affirmation of New Sun's own beliefs and attitudes toward composition, writing and music in general.

There will be some short rehearsal recording samples up here and on our Facebook page over the next week.

There's rumor of a major announcement concerning the band coming in April - for the moment "no comment" is all that has been heard. Stay tuned and in good intonation.

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