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Fast approaching the end of 2012, a good year for New Sun thus far.

Nice review in progression Magazine, which can be found on the "Press" page. Reviews has been slow to come, but overall very positive regarding the return of New Sun and Damage Done.

We did a series of shows locally (SF Bay Area) till mid summer and then due to a thing called "life outside the band" we took a break. With thoughts toward regrouping Jan 2nd 2013 and deciding how next year will go.

In the mean time CSC has been working on the special release CD with variations on some tunes from Damage Done, remixes of several back catalogue tunes and possibly 2 new songs. Tentatively called "Transitory" the plan was to release about now. But inspiration hit and CSC is looking toward a solo CD in 2013. But as with all things in life, the winds of change are blowing.

An announcement will be made regarding both in Jan 2013

Enjoy your Holidaze and try not to be too much of a pig, yeah?

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